20130908_120624“We are all unique and StrengthsFinder helps you best understand how to embrace and leverage this uniqueness in yourself and others. Be prepared to come out of StrengthsFinder training feeling empowered and desiring to find the unique strengths of everyone around you! I had my wife take the test as soon as I left the training.”

– Troy Nichols – California YMCA

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Thank you for taking the time to dedicate to our team.  God perfectly placed us together, and gifted us with your talent to be able to grow as better leaders, servants and followers of Jesus Christ.  Your training allowed us to understand how we work and how we think.  We appreciate and understand each other so much better now. Things used to be frustrating that now bring smiles to our faces because we are able to figure out and understand why.

Financial Team, Bridgeway Community Church


“Amy has trained several of my teams. Specifically speaking about my summer camp team – we did strengths training together before camp started which made it very easy me to know what kind of people I had on my staff and how they think and react to things before I really knew them as a person.”

Grace Chaisson – Grace Adventures Day Camp

East Africa Team“Amy was a terrific facilitator, highly knowledgeable, and a fun and passionate presenter! She not only guided us through the process but came VERY prepared to specifically discuss our team. We learned a lot!”

– Elizabeth Overstreet – East Africa Team at Grace Community Church



“The best way to ensure the success of a project is to get the right people doing the right things. StrengthsFinder helps everyone understand what their right things are. Amy provides the insight needed to help understand the primary strengths of each of the people in a group and ways to utilize those strengths.”

Dan Hedgecock – John’s Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

“Amy has the best grip of anyone on how to validate differences in people. With everything she teaches, the hope of meaningful collaboration, and the belief that we’re better when we work together comes through. Training with Amy helped us contextualize. We could easily see and understand our differences using Strengths, but we got specific feedback from her on how they played into our work specifically. It felt like we were continually “pulling back the curtain” to understand why our team functions the way it does. Every insight gave us a new way to solve problems, facilitate growth, and leverage the talent we already have. ”

Zak Eltzroth – Middle School Teacher


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