StrengthsFinder Training

To find out more about the Clifton StrengthsFinder test click here.

A StrengthsFinder team training is specifically designed to build your group into a team. The group will learn how each individual member thinks and processes the world. They will learn just how unique they are and how their individual Strengths are vital to the healthy functioning of their team. They will learn how to develop their Themes of Talent into true Strengths and what to do when they are lacking a particular Strength.

A two hour StrengthsFinder training begins with a presentation specially designed to help your team understand the ins and outs of the Clifton StrengthsFinder. Each member of the team receives a spreadsheet to help them visually identify the Strengths of the team. Each team member receives supplemental materials to further explain the specifics of their Top 5 Strengths. After the presentation the team will dig into the two most occurring Strengths of the team and the top two Strengths of each member.

A four hour StrengthsFinder training begins with the two hour training listed above. In addition the team will learn about the top 3 Strengths of each member and, if time permits, will have an in-depth review and explanation of all of the Strengths represented in the team. The team leader will receive the Team Leader’s Packet with Strengths-based leadership information specific to each member of the team.


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